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Translated from Spanish into English by Vasco Rebelo

Jesus Christ, Lord of humankind

In the previous weeks we got into the person of Jesus Christ, noticing how he is the Lord of all creation and how he has all authority over sin and its consequences: death, evil, sickness and law. In this and in the forthcoming themes we shall have a look at how Jesus Christ is the Lord of all humankind in general and of all areas of our life in particular.

Jesus Christ ransomed us from the curse of the Law

On account of his disobedience to God, man remained at the mercy of sin. The consequences of his disobedience were terrible. Man lost his way. He remained wounded in its entire person: his intellect, his will, his emotions and feelings, all his being was seriously hurt. His sense of truth, of justice, of perfect and holy was affected. In face of this set up, with man moving aimlessly, God gave the law to his people with the aim of showing them the path to walk and to lead them through the paths of life.

Jesus Christ, conqueror over sickness

In this theme we are going to refer more to the psychic and physical infirmity, as the spiritual infirmity, which in the Bible identifies itself with sin, and which is the most serious of all infirmities, has been dealt with in the previous themes. Sin that opened the door to all evils also opened the door to physical and psychic infirmities. Man moved from a state of perfect health to a state of vulnerability to infirmity, experiencing something that he did not know before.

Jesus Christ, conqueror of death

Christ conquered death! Alleluia!

The same Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has gone through the experience of death, although in a way different that of human beings. His death was unique and different from that of others especially for the following reasons:
a)   Because he alone, True God and True Man, could reconcile man with God and only through his intervention death to which man would have forever submitted if left to himself, could be defeated.

Jesus Christ, conqueror of sin

We know that Adam and Eve sinned. It was a sin of disobedience, of rebelliousness, of self-sufficiency, of independence, of wanting to become like God. Since then, sin made its influence felt over all humankind. The human being lost his most valuable asset: the communion with God. The consequences of sin left man in a pathetic condition: separation from God, lost of fellowship with neighbor, physical death, experience of sickness, fall under slavery to the Evil…

Jesus Christ, conqueror of all evil

Neither sin, nor death, nor law, nor sickness, nor Satan together with his armies has dominion in any degree over Jesus Christ. On the contrary, throughout his life, Jesus Christ has shown his authority over all of them.

Jesus Christ, Lord of all creation

Jesus Christ is the Lord of all created things, without exception. Nothing escapes his Lordship; nothing remains outside his control and authority. His Lordship has no boundaries, neither in time nor in space. He is Lord of the earth with all its continents and all that is in them, the soil, the air, the subsoil…, but he is also the Lord of all galaxies and stars, planets, satellites, etc, all that is known to man and all that we discovered.

Jesus Christ is Lord (II)

In the previous theme we began the approach to the term “Lord”. We have also realized how the Word of God reveals to us in a clear way, without leaving place for doubts that Jesus Christ is the Lord, something that for us, Christians, is obvious and clearly deductible from the Scriptures, but which is not recognized by other religions.

Jesus Christ is Lord

In the English language, the term “lord” may refer to a form of addressing and inclusive of courtesy and respect for other people, specially related to some honors, traditions and peerage, or as a way to refer to God himself and especially to Jesus Christ. We are so accustomed to hear or to use the word “lord” that we may have not paused to reflect and to go deep into the meaning of the term “Lord” when applied to God.


The titles applicable to the person of Jesus Christ are of great importance, because they not only tell about the fundamental features and attributes of the Person they refer to, but also they relate to the very nature and essence of Jesus Christ. Through revelation we know that Jesus Christ is the Light, the Truth, the Son of Man, the Master, the Messiah… and also the LORD.

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