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Dear friends of Fundacion Palabra de Vida
We wish to say goodbye for this course. We thank you for your friendship, your prayers, your cooperation, while we give glory to God for the Fruit gathered (and the forthcoming as well) though the use of the themes of this course by so many individuals and groups in so many parts of the world.
With this series of themes on Jesus Christ, the Lord, we have moved forward in the knowledge of the person of Jesus Christ and as such we are in better condition to search for and to remain in communion with Him.
With the start of a new course in September, new themes, that we shall announce in due time, will be made available. We remind you, that our web page continues active with a rich archive, full of themes that we have been offering for the last 10 years.
So until September with all our affection and closeness we say, “May God bless all of you”.
Lord Jesus, we give you thanks for the opportunity that you give us to be your disciples, to know and follow you, as your servants to work for your Kingdom, as your friends to share in your feelings and secrets, as your sheep to be cared for and shepherded by you, but we give you thanks especially for revealing to us that you are Lord with all power and authority. Out of our own free will, we desire to submit ourselves to your Lordship, giving unto you all our being, abilities, time, and areas of our heart, relationships, all that has to do with our life. Rule and please guide our life, accept and count us as addresses of your commandments, which we want to obey and love each day of our lives. Amen.
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