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Whom do we want to serve?

We have to begin with the idea that every man serves someone or something, although without intending. The way we act in life, reflects whom we serve. Our service is related to a great extent to our behaviour, dedication and surrender. This leads us to the inescapable need of taking a decision in life. Here it is necessary to take it freely and consciously, to decide what do we want from our life, what road are we disposed to walk, and where we want to reach.
In the end all the decisions that we could take, become reduced to two: entering by one of the two following doors: the narrow or the broad; walking through one of the roads: the narrow or the broad, that takes us to different destinations: life or death, temporal and eternal.
In Psalm 1, the Word of God speaks of these two paths, the one of the wicked and that of the righteous. And in the New Testament, the same Lord, explains to His listeners which are these two doors and the two paths, exhorting the listeners to enter through the path of life: “Enter the narrow gate, since the road that leads to destruction is wide and spacious, and many take it; but it is the narrow gate and a hard road that leads to life, and only a few find it” (Mt 7:13-14).
Here we need to take an active attitude, because allowing oneself to be carried away by the current, or by what the majority do, and this is the same, does not open to us the narrow road nor guides us to the path of life. We do not have to do anything special to walk through the broad path, for the majority of the people do so ever without intending. It is the path of comfort, of pleasure, of self-sufficiency, of egocentrism, of materialism. The narrow path is the one of self-negation, for the love of Christ and of neighbor, to carry one’s cross daily, and to genuinely follow our Teacher and Lord. And there are not many who are ready to pay the price!, although this is the only path that leads to Life and happiness.
Here applies what the Book of Proverbs says regarding the paths: “There are ways that some think straight, but they lead in the end to death” (Prov 14:12). The one who seems to be straight —the broad and spacious— is a path of death; meanwhile the narrow and winding one of which Christ speaks to us, is the path of life; what could have looked a path for freedom —the broad path— is a path to slavery, while the narrow path —the difficult one— is the path of freedom.
To take a decision we need determination and permanent effort from our side, on one hand due to the inherent difficulty of this path, as it implies going against ourselves and all our enemies and on the other hand because the environment that surrounds us does not help. To serve Christ, is to walk through the narrow path, steep and winding, but the only one that brings us peace and joy, temporal and eternal.
If we choose not to serve Christ and not to submit ourselves to Him, to His teachings, to His Word, we place ourselves automatically in a situation of slavery, because only the children of God, born to a new life, enjoy true freedom. And let us remember that we cannot take a neutral stand on this point, for as the Lord said: “Anyone who is not with me is against me” (Lk 11:23).

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