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Jesus Christ, Lord of what I am and have (II)

If we have paused to think of all that the Lord has given us, we surely would remain amazed. In the previous theme, we saw something of that. This week I would like to mention two gifts that we have received from the Lord that are much relevant because the use we make of them usually says enough about ourselves. They are time and money. In fact, a phrase that makes the rounds and which I consider quite meaningful, says, “Tell me in what way you spend your time and your money and I will tell you what you are”.
Or both issues -time and money- the word of God provides us with ample general criteria, which throws light on the Lord’s point of view on the use of time and money. To the general criteria that are valid for everybody, we have to add that the Lord has a specific will for each human being and that he wishes to show personally to each one of us his perfect will, for the sake of a wise management of time and money in our lives. Let us now have a look at something in relation to time and in the forthcoming theme in relation to money and material goods in general.
TIME. The Lord has put in our hands the 24 hours of each day, so that we could use them in the best possible way. It is true that the days on the earth are like a gust or like water vapor, as the Bible says, but it is also true that a well managed time produces a lot. The fact is that days, with their hours, minutes, and seconds keep on passing and each day is an occasion for man to give glory to God or to steal it from him. We glorify God when we use our time wisely and according to the will of God for our life. Within the use of time, the use of free time reveals much for it takes place aside our daily occupations. Jesus is, surely, also the Lord of our work that would warranty an important reflection over the implications of this statement in our life. But, concentrating ourselves on the one aspect that concerns us now, -what do we do with our free time? Do we use it according to our opinion, without thinking of the Lord and his plans, or do we remember that the time is not ours and that we have to use it, as he would have done in our place? We should always keep in mind the biblical principle: “Whatever you eat, then, or drink, or whatever else you do, do it for the glory of God” (1 Cor 10:31), and to remember in relation to the objectively good things that, “Everything is permissible; maybe so, but not everything does good” (1 Cor 10:23). Keeping in mind the scale of values of a Christian, it should be logical that the Lord, whom we serve, should occupy a prime time, not a secondary one in our day to day, and in addition we should live these encounters with him as the most important ones in our day. And if we have discovered that Christ is the precious pearl or the great treasure of which the word of God speaks to us, the normal thing would be the directing “our” time, especially the free time, toward what is the most important: all that relates to the Kingdom of God and its King, Jesus Christ. This does not mean that there is not some time left for rest, which is also necessary, but everything should be done in an orderly way, each thing occupying its right place and being given its due importance.
Squandering time is wasting time. And we Christians do not do it frequently? Notwithstanding the word of God teaches us once again: “So be very careful about the sort of lives you lead, live intelligently and not like senseless people. Make the best of the present time, for it is a wicked age” (Eph 5:15-16).
Like our Lord has done, we should invest the time the Lord has given us, in the best possible way, preoccupying ourselves with the search of the Kingdom of God and its righteousness, depending on the things of our Heavenly Father, attentive to the will of our Lord and ready to promptly put it into practice. Our mission as Christians and servants of Christ is, “Not to work for food that goes bad, but work for food that endures for eternal life” (Jn 6:27). We should not have doubts that times of prayer and very especially those of adoration, both personal and communitarian, are always a wise investment of this precious gift that the Lord has given us.
To summarize, to speak of time is to speak of life itself with all its moments. The Lord is not alien or indifferent to any of these. Our Lord has much to say regarding our daily occupations, free time, vacations, moments of rest… If we desire and we stay in our place in an attitude of obedience, availability and love, the Holy Spirit will give us the necessary light to wisely use the gift of time that the Lord has placed in our hands, so that it may give much fruit.
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