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Jesus Christ, conqueror of all evil

Neither sin, nor death, nor law, nor sickness, nor Satan together with his armies has dominion in any degree over Jesus Christ. On the contrary, throughout his life, Jesus Christ has shown his authority over all of them.
Through sin an entire range of negative effects for mankind have entered the world. In a special way man remained out of communion with God and moved from a state of freedom to a state of slavery. The disobedience of our first parents, led man to stay under the power of sin, under the power of law, under the slavery to the devil, under the power of sickness and, as if these were not enough, under the power of death, and eternal death.
But God, through the love and the power of his Son Jesus Christ, has shown his absolute authority over all evil, and through his Death and Resurrection defeated on the cross all his enemies, the last of which to be destroyed has been death (cf 1 Cor 15:26). The disciple of Jesus who shares of his Death and Resurrection, shares also of his victory and authority over all his enemies.
Thus, the authority of Christ is seen:
  • Over sin. Sin never had authority over Jesus Christ. In fact, he came to the earth to deal with sin. As man, he was like us, except in sin, with which he never had any pact, since there is no possible communion between light and darkness, between holiness and sin. On the other hand, not only Christ did not sin but also was the only being, true God and true man, with enough authority and power to forgive sins, as he did show in the healing of the paralytic man (cf Lk 5). On the cross, Christ took upon him all the sin of humankind, became sin for our sake, “For our sake he made the sinless one a victim for sin, so that in him we might become the uprightness of God” (2 Cor 5:21), “For by dying, he is dead to sin” (Rom 6:10) -not to his, for he had no sin, but to that of men- for the sin not to rule or have power over us (cf Rom 6:13), so that free from the power of sin we could live as children of Light and children of Day.
  • Over Satan and his armies. Jesus Christ always held all power and authority over them. Just before beginning his public life, after fasting for forty days and forty nights in the wilderness, he defeated the enemy in all the three temptations that Matthew, Mark and Luke narrate for us. So, during Jesus’ public life, the proclamation of the Good News was accompanied by works of power, while setting free those oppressed by unclean spirits, as it happen one evening when they brought to him many who were possessed by devils and “he drove them out with a command” (cf Mt 8:16). The final defeat of Satan and his armies was forged on the Cross, and whom he defeated once for all on the cross of Calvary, where the sovereignties and the ruling forces were stripped and paraded in public, behind him in his triumphal procession (cf Col 2:15). The Lord had given to his disciples power over the unclean spirits (cf Mk 6:7) and announced that one of the signs that would accompany those who believed was the casting out of demons in his name (cf Mk 16:15ff).
  • Over death. “We know that Christ has been raised from the dead and will never die again. Death has no power over him any more” (Rom 6:9). In fact, Paul says immediately “For by dying he is dead to sin” (Rom 6:10). The Gospels narrate how on different occasions he made the dead raise again as it happened with his friend Lazarus (cf Jn 11), or with the daughter of Jairus (cf Mk 5). Also his disciples, in the name of Jesus Christ, and on the account of the mandate received, obeying to the words of the Lord, made the dead raise again as it happened with Paul, in relation with the young man Eutychus (cf Ac 20:9). He is the Lord of the living and the dead; he is “The Beginning, the first-born from the dead” (Col 1:18); and it is that “It was for this purpose that Christ both died and came to life again; so that he might be the Lord of the dead and the living” (Rom 14:9). He is the Lord of the Death and of Hades: “It is I, the First and the Last; I am the Living One, I was dead and look- I am alive for ever and ever and I hold the keys of death and of Hades” (Rev 1:18).
  • Over sickness. “He went round the whole of Galilee teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and curing all kinds of disease and illness among the people” (Mt 4:23).
  • Christ has shown his authority over the Law, to which the people of the Old Testament were subject: “Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by being cursed for our sake” (Gal 3:13).
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