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The titles applicable to the person of Jesus Christ are of great importance, because they not only tell about the fundamental features and attributes of the Person they refer to, but also they relate to the very nature and essence of Jesus Christ. Through revelation we know that Jesus Christ is the Light, the Truth, the Son of Man, the Master, the Messiah… and also the LORD.

On the other hand, to go deeply into the person of Jesus Christ as LORD, as into any other title used by the Word of God, is not only a theoretical question, but one having very important and practical repercussions in the day to day life of all beings, especially for affecting us more closely, in the life of human beings.
To live or not to live under the Lordship of Jesus Christ is like to be or not to be: it carries consequences to man, and its effects reflect in this life, as well in what is more relevant, the eternity.
In the coming themes, we will try to explain what the Word of God says when it speaks of Jesus Christ the Lord, what it means to have Jesus Christ as Lord, what are the practical consequences of living or not in submission to him, and what is that the same Jesus, the Lord, expects from us.
A first thought to begin with: What reaction produces in us the idea of living under the Lordship of Jesus Christ? We live in times that anything that presupposes a limitation to “man’s auto sufficiency”-- which means nothing but pride and rebelliousness--- is not appreciated. Above all it is expressly and tacitly proclaimed that man should live “free”, “to be at one’s ease”, “according to his desires and appetites”. Is not, finally, each one of us his own master? The fact that man has to submit himself to someone, in this case to the same Lord Jesus Christ, does not seem to fit well in the mind and the life of many people, and right now, is not something that is “fashion”, nor it is proclaimed in the communication media- except rare and honorable exceptions-, nor in the streets, nor in the working places, and to a good extent, not even in what is more serious, among Christians. We have so many important things to do! This attitude of rebelliousness can be expected from those who do not know Christ, as they live their life away from God, but it should not happen among Christians who in theory have submitted their life to the rule of Christ, his Word and his Spirit.
We live in times when much is said about human rights, but little or very little about the duties of man toward his fellow beings, and even less toward God. Duties of man toward God? Of course. The Word of God speaks to us about them, and many ofthese flow out of one of the most important truths that have been revealed to man: JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!
O Holy Spirit, says the Word that you have inspired, that no one can ever say, “Jesus is Lord” unless by you. How much more we need you to live the Lordship of Christ in our lives, letting the old self die, as to be clothed by the new self by your action in us. Direct our hearts and our minds, we pray, so that during this course we could understand in the Spirit what mean these three words so easy to pronounce, but so difficult to us to live: “Jesus is Lord”. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for your constant and patient work.
Javier Dean
Fundacion Palabra de Vida
Translated from Spanish into English by Vasco Rebelo
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