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Hello, friends: Here we are again with our readers after a summer rest, presenting to the entire Body of Christ themes that are of interest because of their content and relevance. During the past course we have presented weekly themes dealing with JESUS CHRIST. The first, about "Jesus, the Mesiah", and the second about "Jesus Christ, the Son of God". We believe that they had become very interesting and needed themes. We are thankful for all the messages sent to us with testimonies about how helpful these themes have been both for individuals and for groups, as well as the messages sent to us giving thanks for the themes. They have encouraged us a lot. In the course we are starting, we shall begin a new series of themes about the person of JESUS CHRIST: "Jesus Christ, Redeemer and Saviour". Our aim is not only to achieve a theoretical knowlegdge, but one that becomes experience and life, a knowledge thar leads us to a deeper and deeper meeting with Jesus Christ. We want to take advantage of this opportunity for remembering that many more may benefit of these free themes. Please, use a couple of minutes for inviting some friends to subscribe, and feel completely free to distribute and use these themes in Chrisian prayer and study groups. In all sincerity we desire that this adventure that we shall do together, may bring forth abundant fruit, to the extent that we open ourselves to the blessings Jesus Christ wills to pour out in our lives. May the One who is Truth enlighten the eyes of our heart to search, know and love him.

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